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Elite Party Bus does not encourage drinking but if there is we want to make sure you have a safe and sober way home. We will be providing a sober driver for all your party needs. We require every guest to abide by our safety rules below to ensure everyone will have a great and safe trip.


  • All guests on the party bus must be 21 or older to have alcohol on the bus.

  • NO GLASS bottles please.

  • Wedding rentals require $50 deposit, non-refundable, to book.

  • All other rentals require $75 deposit, non-refundable, to book. All cancellations are required to be made in writing 30-days in advance.

  • •All cancellations are required to be made 30 days in advance. If your party cancels without a 30 day notice there will be a $225 cancellation fee. If you cancel without a 14 day notice, then you will be responsible for the entire rental price.

  • All prom reservations are final the day of booking.

  • All Sorority and Fraternity reservations are final the day of booking.

*Please Note: To guarantee your reservation you must fill out form completely. Without a returned contract, you will not be able to reserve the bus. You will receive confirmation of a booked bus. A credit card is required to reserve the bus, however, no charges are made to the card unless damages are done to the bus, you do not comply with the cancellation policy or any extra time is not paid for.


1.All changes made to your reservation require a new contract to be filled out. Cancellations

must be done in writing, via email.

2.All parties must pay in full before your party begins.

3.No drugs, violence, smoking, or weapons of any kind will be tolerated. If any of the following

occur or are found, you will be immediately dropped off and will not be eligible for a refund of any amount. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Do not under any circumstances distract the driver. We want you and your party guests to

arrive safely.

5.Enter at your own risk Elite Party Bus will not be held responsible or liable if any guest gets

injured from various causes (example: if the bus is in motion and all guests are not seated or

if you are under the influence of any controlled substance). All injuries MUST be reported immediately at the time of injury to the driver and he will instruct you to fill out our accident

report form.

6.We will not split parties (everyone must stay together). Keep all personal items with you at all

times. Elite Party Bus is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

7.If any property of Elite Part Bus gets damaged or stole by the guests of your party, you will be held liable for replacement costs, collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, etc. We reserve the right to end the party at any time and for any reason.

8.If there is a bio hazard (body fluid) spill (urine, vomit, etc.) on the bus, a minimum of $150

will be imposed as a fee.

9. All buses are smoke free. This is the law and a minimum of $100 cleaning fee will be imposed for smoking on the bus.

10. Elite Party Bus understands that some cleaning of the bus is normal after the rental. You will be charged for extra clean up if the bus is unusually dirty. “Unusually dirty” is defined as

clean up from things like food, Jell-O shots, and Styrofoam coolers.

11. Please note that your party begins when the driver arrives for the initial pick up and ends

when the last person is dropped off.

12. If your party goes over the prearranged time, you will be held responsible for the additional

hours charge. Additional time will be billed at $85 an hour. Additional charges are to be paid in full before your party ends.

13. There will be a trip charge added to any party we feel deemed out of the Des Moines area.

14. At no time will we all anyone to hang out of the window or throw trash out of the windows.

15. While the bus is in motion, please keep one hand holding the handrails or dancing poles while standing or dancing for your safety.

16. If the music stops and the driver announces for everyone to be seated, please do so


17. Elite Party Bus reserves the right to substitute buses at any time.

18. If Elite Party Bus is not on time to the initial destination for pickup of the customers, Elite

Party Bus will provide the missed time at the end of night, no refunds will be given.

19. Elite Party Bus will not be responsible for what happens while your party is off the bus.

20. To book a bus you must be at least 18. Any person under the age of 18 riding the bus must have filled out and signed the: I Promise Contract

21. Any photos and/or videos taken by Elite Party Bus staff may be used in advertising, fliers,

social media, websites, etc. By signing below you are giving Elite Party Bus the right to use

photo/videos for the above mentioned purposes.

22. Cash Discount: Note all quoted prices reflect a cash discounted price. Payments not made by cash or pre paid by check, will not qualify for the cash discount.

23. When paying with credit card you may be charged up to an additional 10% to cover the credit card fees.

24. As a condition of being permitted to ride on Elite Party Bus, LLC the contact holder and its


CLAIM AGAINST OR SUE Elite Party Bus, LLC, or its employees, agents, officers or affiliates

from any and all liabilities on account of, in any way negligence or by any other reason.

25. By submitting your credit card information, you authorize Elite Party Bus to charge you for any expenses associated to your rental.

26. Elite Party Bus reserves the right to immediately terminate service without any refund to any party or person(s) who violates these rules.


By clicking the Submit button, I signify that I have read the terms and conditions stated above and agree to all terms and conditions. I further declare and represent that I am at least 18 years of age, that I have full legal capacity to be bound by this contract, and that I am signing this contract of my own free will and accord.

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